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A commentary on the gospels of the Passion by Donald Senior CP. The passion of Jesus is both a historical event rooted in the past and a living dynamic memory that gives meaning to the present.

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Besides the gospel stories, do other sources shed light on the events of Jesus' Passion? Jerusalem itself, where Jesus' Passion took place, is a likely place to look.

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Devotions of the Passion

The passion and death of Jesus appears in the four gospels and each dwells on certain details of that great story.

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Recent Studies

Serious study about the historical background of Jesus of Nazareth as described in the Gospels and New Testament has amassed a formidable library of material for more than a century.

St. Paul of the Cross, the 18th century founder of the Passionists, saw the world falling into "a forgetfulness of the passion of Jesus." We shouldn't forget it. The objective of this site is to offer you a "taste" of the mystery of the Passion of Christ in hope that you will seek deeper meaning and enlightenment.